What to Know to Start Making Video Games as a Hobby

Video games

Video games are far and away one of the most prevalent and popular forms of entertainment in the world. If you are interested in getting involved in the art of creating video games, then there is already a thriving and exciting community for you to join.

This article aims to outline some of the most important points you will probably want to know if you want to get involved with creating video games yourself and get started with that community of video game developers.

Learn the Basics

There is a plethora of resources available online that can help you start to develop the most important skills you will need in video game development. From narrative pacing to coding and everything in between, these courses are detailed and exceptionally useful. 

So, it would be wise for you, as a new video game developer, to take the time to engage with as many of these courses as you possibly can. After all, there is no point in reinventing the wheel. You can and should take advantage of the knowledge and skills of those who came before you so that you can create the best quality video games that you possibly can.

Think About Your Setup

Once you have spent some time learning the basics and have engaged to some small degree with the development of video games. You can decide whether or not this is a hobby that you truly want to get involved with. If you are really enjoying yourself and want to keep engaging with video game development, there are plenty of things you can do to help make the experience even better for you.

One of the better things you can do to help yourself enjoy the art of video game development, even more, is to consider whether you can improve your video game development setup at all. For example, a high-quality computer from a company such as Lenovo could do a lot to help you better engage with the process of making video games and could even help to make it significantly faster, given how intensive video game development can be on your system.

Engage with the Community

As previously mentioned, the game development community is a robust and entertaining one, full of all sorts of useful information and wonderful people. So, if video game development is something that you are truly and genuinely enjoying, you might want to consider taking the time to engage with the community. You never know; you might find a group of like-minded individuals that you can really enjoy spending time with.

Plus, the video game community does a lot to help encourage its members to be more proactive in the development of games and to develop their skills. Things like game jams can provide a lot of value to those individuals who are intent on developing their skills since they often revolve around working on fresh games under short timeframes.

In fact, game jams, in particular, can be incredibly useful tools for helping new game developers let go of their reservations and throw themselves into the skills they are learning. This kind of practice is invaluable in the development of skills and can do a lot to ensure that new developers are quickly leveling up what they can do. So, if you are thinking about trying to find a community to join that will help you to grow as a game developer, you might want to consider communities such as itch.io, which are tremendously active and engaging and have useful toolsets to boot.

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