What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Here is everything to know about Nigersaurce, the great dinosaur. 

After the meme from Reddit, “Don’t google the dinosaur with 500 teeth”, the Nigersaurce has become an internet viral meme sensation. Often a simple auto-suggestion from google invokes some strange phenomenon that sparks public interest in a particular issue or topic, and the same case is with Nigersaurce.


History is beautiful and mysterious. And a lot happened after that, which we are still examining. While it is impossible to determine every detail of the past, we can still make monumental discoveries. One of the most incredible discoveries is the dinosaurs. The remains have confirmed their existence millions of years ago and are undoubtedly fascinating. The experts have also succeeded in delineating their body structure, survival modes, and cause of distinction. 

The terms ‘dinosaur with 500 teeth’ or ‘heaviest dinosaur’ really makes us want to do more research. So, today we will discuss ‘which dinosaurs are with 500 teeth’.

Dinosaurs With 500 Teeth


Nigersaurce is a 30-feet long carnivore dinosaur that lived 110-115 million years ago in the Republic of Niger, a small country in West Africa. Nigersaurce lived in a lavish environment apace with predatory dinosaur Suchomimus, the plant-eaters Ouranausaurs, and Supercross. It had a delicate skull and a wide mouth lined up with teeth, especially for browsing plants near the ground. 

This bizarre, long-necked dinosaur had an unusually wide straight-edged snout with more than 500 replaceable teeth that distinguish it from other dinosaurs. The original fossil skull of Nigersaurce is one of the primary skills that discoverers have reconstructed digitally from CT Scans. 

Dinosaur Discovery 

A french paleontologist, Phillippe Taquet, first discovered the remains of Nigersaurce in 1965-1972 during an expedition in Niger and mentioned it in a research paper in 1976. But, because of the incomplete structure, the discovery often went unnoticed.


An American paleontologist, Paul Sereno, from Chicago University, conducted an expedition in 1999 in the Elrahz Formation in Niger. He unearthed a complete skeleton of Nigersaurce and offered a description of its skull and feeding habits along with his colleague Jeffery A. Wilson in 2007. He also represented a plastic skeleton of a dinosaur’s head to the National Geographic Society in Washington.

In his online journal, Sereno detailed how the team discovered the dinosaur with 500 teeth. In his discussion, he said, “while walking across a very flat place, Gabe made a remarkable find_the bones of a new plant-eating female dinosaur lay partially exposed at her feet. She brushed the sand from her upper jaw. Nearby lay the spine and the of part hip bones. This was a mean customer _the bones are from a skeleton that would measure about 30 feet long! We hope to find more evidence of this sharp_toothed creature as the field season goes on.”

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Why the name Nigersaurce? Did it has 500 teeth?

Nigersaurce has become an internet meme due to its peculiar name. The name of this dinosaur is scientific, which means ‘Niger Reptile’ or a reptile from the republic of Niger. The  Name “Nigersaurce taqueti” also belongs to Phillippe Taqueti, who mentioned this dinosaur. 

On the other hand, Nigersaurce technically had a skull with 500 slender teeth. All these teeth were not permanent. The 500 teeth contained permanent and replaced teeth, especially for their carnivore behavior. Its four-opening skull was strong enough to resist the shearing of 500 teeth. The lower teeth were 30% smaller than the upper teeth, with a curved tooth crown and asymmetrical enamels enabling the dinosaur to tear plants from ground level. 

Besides, Sereno described the body of Nigersaurce as an ancient crocodile. It had armor plates on its back and heavily pierced vertebral arches between the pneumatic openings. Its tail vertebrae were without solid centra, and pectoral progle bones were a little thick. Like any other tall dinosaur, Nigersaurce had strong limbs. The forelegs may have been two-thirds the length of the hind legs, a distinguishing feature of diplodocus.


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