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General urologists often see more males than women because of the specialized nature of the field, but women are welcome to and do make appointments. Kidney stones and urinary tract infections (UTIs) can affect both men and women. However, UTIs are more common in women. 

What are the common medical disorders that require urological care?

The following are examples of frequently seen medical disorders requiring urological care with which Lazare Urology can help. 

  1. Invasions of bacteria into the urethra cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). This is more common in women because it can occur inside or outside. Although the signs of a UTI are easy to spot, a correct diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.
  2. Stones in the urinary tract or kidneys are the result of calcium and mineral deposits that grow too large to pass easily. Stones come in a wide range of sizes and can be extremely uncomfortable to pass. In order to pass the stones, your urologist may need to treat them by breaking them up into smaller pieces.
  3. When you lose control of your bladder involuntarily, it is called incontinence. There is a wide range of potential causes and treatments for incontinence.
  4. About 33% of adult males experience symptoms of enlarged prostate, sometimes called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). A buildup of cells is usually to blame for this condition, which can make urination difficult.
  5. Prostatitis, an infection or inflammation of the prostate, has similar effects as BPH. Prostatitis can cause discomfort during urination and ejaculation in men.
  6. Bladder prolapse occurs when the support for your bladder fails due to weakened muscles or tissue. It will fall from its normal perch as a result of this. This affects females and is more prevalent among mothers who have given birth vaginally.
  7. Fertility testing centers and urologists are the usual first ports of call for men experiencing infertility. Depending on the etiology, surgery may be an option for treating male infertility.
  8. If you have problems achieving or keeping an erection, a urologist can determine the reason and treat the condition known as erectile dysfunction.
  9. Problems with your kidneys necessitate a visit to a urologist because renal failure is a potentially fatal condition.
  10. Cancers affecting the urinary tract or male reproductive organs are the primary focus of urologists.
  11. Scarring of the urethra, known as urethral stricture, prevents urine from draining normally from the bladder. Urinary obstruction increases the risk of infection, irritation, and other health problems.
  12. Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the development of a fibrous layer of scar tissue directly under the skin of the penis, causing the penis to curve or bend when an erection is attempted painfully.
  13. Chronic inflammation of the bladder is the hallmark of Interstitial Cystitis, often known as painful bladder syndrome. 
  14. As the medical word for undescended testes, pediatric urology frequently deals with cases of cryptorchidism. 

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