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Trulia by Zillow is an American real estate database website that provides for-sale and rental listings to the general public. If you want to rent, sell, buy a home, or check your home’s worth, you can visit Trulia. It helps buyers and renters find homes and neighborhoods across the United States through recommendations, local insights and maps that provide details on transportation, schools, churches, and nearby business. 


Zillow Group, the owner of Zillow, another real estate marketplace, owns and operates Trulia, which bases in San Fransisco, California. Both sites offer listings using photos, detailed descriptions, and neighborhood information. The property information is the same on both sites because they both draw on ML listings. 

Although both sites are quite similar, several critical differences separate them. Zillow offers Zestimates, the estimates of home values based on publicly available information. 

When buying or selling a home, pricing is crucial to rely on a computer-generated estimate that is typically thousands of dollars off the mark. It would be best if you had the expertise of a licensed realtor 

who can price homes competitively for your local market or craft great offers. Learn more about the two real estate marketplaces below. 

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What is Zillow?

Zillow is a real estate website that Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink founded and formed in 2006. It is the leading real estate and rental marketplace that connects consumers to the information and real estate professionals they need to buy, sell or tent a home. 


The site has presented up to 135 million properties as of the first quarter of 2022. It is free to use for owners, listing agents, and landlords, and the source of its income is selling advertising to businesses on Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads. It has a more graphical user interface as compared to Trulia. The site has a map of properties on the left side along with the price, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms. You will see other options on Zillow while browsing the site. 

What is Trulia?

Trulia is another real estate website that Zillow Group founded in 2005 in San Fransisco, California. Like Zillow, Trulia offers real estate listings for buyers, sellers, and renters and makes revenue from online advertisements. By clicking on the listings yield on the left side, you will find information, including price, address, and several bedrooms and bathrooms. The site offers a detailed description of the property and listing details, including realtors’ contacts. 

Other Sites Like Trulia

Whether Zillow’s acquisition made it a clear market leader in real estate searches, many smaller sites, including Redfin, Homesnap,, and, provide similar functionality. Sometimes, these sites offer advanced features unavailable on Trulia or Zillow. 

For example, Redfin employs a team of real estate agents that gives clear incentives to realtors to help find the best match between homeowners and buyers. On the other hand, is specific for cheap homes, allowing users to search online for homes currently in foreclosure. 

Top Alternatives for the Sellers

If you are looking for an agent to sell your home, you should look for a low-cost realtor who provides full-service support at steep discounts on commission. The best low-commission companies like Clever offer better markdown over Redfin while providing all the services and support you would expect from a real estate agent. 

Difference Between Zillow and Trulia

What is the Difference Between Zillow and Trulia? Which one is Best?

While both the sites have the same owner, there is a difference in their user interface. Zillow has more graphical user interface experience for searching for a home than Trulia. Additionally, unlike Trulia, Zillow goes beyond the United States in its listings. Whether the sites have different user interfaces, they still have the same accuracy because they rely on sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms estimate the price of properties based on price, size, neighborhood data, and the sales of nearby properties.


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