Top 6 Biggest Cities in the World

Many cities worldwide, but we are going to discuss the biggest cities in the world. A city can be defined by its metropolitan area, threshold population size, and development in every aspect.

We found several big cities all over the world. Some of them are larger by area. Administrative boundaries play a vital role in the popularity of a city. A big city seems attractive when it is politically, economically, and, culturally significant.

Some cities are more prominent in population. A vast number of people live in cities. North America, Latin America, Delhi, Beijing, and the Caribbean are the most populated regions globally.

There is a list of the biggest cities in the world.

1. Delhi, India

2. Mexico City,

3. Beijing, China

4. New York, United States

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Jakarta, Indonesia

Delhi, India

Delhi is the 1st biggest city in the world. The historical city of India and the largest by population. The population of Delhi is 30.05 Million according to the estimation by prefectures in 2021. It is sitting near the Yamuna River and Uttar Pradesh. It covers 1484 Square kilometers of area.

Delhi has been the National Capital Territory of India since 1947. Historically, Delhi was the capital of Two realms. In Delhi, there are numerous tombs, Qutub Minar, Purana Qila, and many other historical places. Delhi was also the center of the Indian Rebellion.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico city is located in the historic center of Mexico valley. It is the most populous city and Capital of Mexico. In 2021 the population was 21.7 million. Mexico City has covered a wide area of the landscape, 1485 square kilometers.

Mexico is officially the center of finance, culture, and politics. On the 2nd, Mexico is on the list of the biggest cities in the world. in the world, which was utterly ruined in 1521. But later, the government redesigned, rebuild, and established in 15.

Beijing, China

Beijing is China’s cultural, political, economic, and technological capital. It is China’s 2nd most significant city by population. The current population of Beijing is 20.89 million.

Also, Beijing is on the list of the biggest cities in the world, famous for its incredible places, walls, tombs, gates, and parks.

The old name of Bejing was Peking. But after the Republic of China, the government changed it using Latin words.

New York, United States

New York is the country’s most populous and massive city. It is located on the world’s biggest harbor in southeastern New York. It is the world trade center and is widely spread with 300.46 square miles and more than 20 million population.

New York is significant in commerce, fashion, art, sports, culture, technology, and education. The vast city is America’s headquarters and the Center of International diplomacy.

The metropolitan area of New York is also significant. More than eight hundred languages are spoken in this city. These qualities make New York city populated and involved of the biggest cities in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is Japan’s modern, high_tech, fascinating, and populous prefecture capital. Ahead of Tokyo Bay, in Kanto, on Honshu’s central coast. Tokyo is the center of Japanese culture and economy. Moreover, it is the capital of the Emperor of Japan. In Tokyo, the world’s busiest crossing is Shibuya Crossing.Β According to the prefecture’s estimate, the city’s population is 13.96 Million. The original name of Tokyo is Edo, but at the arrival of the Tokugawa shogunate, the last shogun retired and renamed the city Tokyo meaning Eastern Capital.

On 5th Tokyo is on the list of biggest cities in the world. It is a much more extensive and more populous metropolis globally. Tokyo’s restaurants are famous.

Jakarta, Indonesia

On the 6th Jakarta is on the list of the biggest cities in the world. It is located on the Northwest coast of Java, the most populous island globally. The area of this larger city is 66. 5 Square kilometers, and the population of 10.9 million makes it an enormous place in Indonesia.

Jakarta is the capital and officially the province of Indonesia. The biggest city is the center of businesses, economy, development, and culture.

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