The Top 5 Apps For Speech Therapy In 2022


Speech therapy is for the treatment of speech disorders or smoothening out your pattern of communication. These days people need to understand, to know the art of conversation and why it is important to have communication skills. The students or young children need to get a grasp of it in their young and early life. It is for people with communication problems and delays in speech. These apps will help to improve speech and communication skills. Therapists can be a great help with disorders. Parents can help improve children’s communication from a young age with these apps.

Read below on the 5 apps that work wonders on your speech and help you work on your children’s speech for future jobs and presentation skills. For using these apps and being smooth on the internet with your surfing, you need a reliable provider to have a good connection, and what better option than to rely on one of the best out of these with Xfinity. It provides a hassle-free service and great internet plans and packages for you and your family to use the internet to its fullest. Moving on, read in on the pros and cons of some of the best speech therapy apps.

1.     Conversation Therapy

Why We Picked It?

Speech therapy includes more than just producing letter sounds. It also includes learning good conversational skills. With the help of this software, folks who are delayed, injured, or have, disabilities can learn the subtleties of conversational give-and-take.


·         Situational learning is enhanced when images are combined with questions.

·         User-defined objectives


·         The trial time is too brief to determine if it’s right for you.

·         Some content might not be kid-friendly.

Tactus Therapy’s Conversation Therapy app was created to encourage conversation in both small and big groups of people. The app is a great addition for anyone who struggles to communicate oneself accurately, including stroke victims, those with Autism and Asperger’s, people who have trouble speaking or understanding others, and people who have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or traumatic brain injury.

2. Splingo

Why We Picked It:

Your toddler can develop a solid understanding of language that will last a lifetime by starting at level one and moving up to level four.


·         With age, the difficulty levels rise.

·         Improves both language and listening abilities


·         Hardly adaptable

·         Many sound difficulties are frequently reported by some users.

Children may practice their listening and speaking skills. They have fun playing an interactive game with aliens and spaceships with the Splingo app from the Speech and Language Store. Speech and language therapists created the app with an emphasis on nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives. It has a wide range of age possibilities, from very early language development to a considerably. It is an advanced level of merging multiple language characteristics.

3.     Apraxia Therapy

Why We Picked It: To assist people with apraxia in improving their communication skills, this software combines auditory, visual, and strategic methods.


·         Depending on what you need the most, choose your phrases to practice.

·         For playback and revision, record yourself.


·         Not as adaptable as alternative apps

·         Users who have modest impairments may find it less useful.

By viewing the model’s mouth movements on the video, the app uses video-assisted speech therapy to assist users in repeating what they hear and see. The software gives you a physical and verbal experience while you listen by encouraging you to touch in time with the beat and shout in sync. You’ll be asked to keep repeating what you observe by watching the video after the audio starts to fade.

4.     Naming Therapy

Why We Picked It: This app’s flashcards and practice exercises can aid stroke sufferers in regaining their memory of commonplace people, places, and objects.


·         Increases the user’s capacity to find the right word.

·         To prepare for obstacles in real life, you can add your images.


·         The interface may be challenging for stroke patients to utilize without help.

·         a lack of variety of in-app models.

You practice your remembering skills with Naming Therapy’s four components:

·         Describe: By responding to inquiries, you can develop your descriptive language skills.

·         Flashcards: You can practice talking through the 700+ images. The name will be read aloud when you touch the image.

·         Naming Practice: Do some independent practice naming 400+ images. Use one of the hints if you are having trouble finding the name right away.

·         Naming Test: Find out how many images you can name by taking a screening test.

5. Articulation Station

Why We Picked It: Your child’s speech skills will quickly improve thanks to the numerous activities intended to help kids practice words, phrases, and comprehension.


·         A variety of stories and noises

·         Notes on progress and data tracking


·         There is only one complimentary letter provided.

·         For each additional letter, you must pay separately.

·         Ineffective when used in groups

One of the most thorough articulation apps for kids is Little Bee Speech’s Articulation Station. These apps teach kids how to pronounce various sounds and give them practice doing. The application helps individuals to practice 22 sounds that target the starting, medial, and final places of words at the word, sentence, and story levels. 60 target words are associated with the majority of the sounds.

Final Conclusion

Articulation Station and Splingo merge entertaining and engaging platforms with kid-friendly education for children with speech impairments or who simply need more practice. The Q&A method of Conversation Therapy will be appreciated by adults. They require aid with developing their conversational abilities due to developmental delays or medical issues. Naming Therapy can help stroke patients recover their vocabulary.

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