Top 3 Ways How To Shrink A Shirt?

Sometimes, you have a shirt that you like, but you can’t wear it because it’s a too-large size which can frustrate you. Don’t despair; once you learn to shrink a shirt, you don’t have to decline oversized shirts or other clothes.

There are many ways to shrink a shirt and achieve a wearable size of your choice. You can shrink it by boiling and drying it in hot water, spraying it with water, then tossing it into the dryer, or getting help from a tailor. You can shrink your Shirt very easily and achieve your favorite t-shirt down a size in just a couple of hours.

Many brands have started a pre-shrinking treatment to prevent cotton, even polyester garments, from staining and shrinking in recent years. It will be difficult for you to make the Shirt smaller than your desired size in this situation.

Most organic cotton shirts or cotton blend shirts are not pre-shrunk; they shrink only twenty percent of their original size, which may be perfect for your body size. You can shrink your Shirt to wash it incorrectly. There are many ways to shrink the t-shirt safely.

Shrink Shirt Into Hot Water

It is simple and the best way to reduce clothing size in a few minutes. To shrink a shirt in hot water, follow the steps. 

  1. Place a pot full of water on a high flame and boil it. 
  2. Then place the Shirt into boiling water and turn off the heat; let it sit for about five minutes or above based on the shirt size. 
  3. Now remove it from the water using a wooden spoon and let it cool before dragging it with your hands. 
  4. Once the Shirt has cooled off, wring it out to see how much it shrank, and repeat the process until you achieve your desired results. 

Shrink Shirt In the washing machine

If you have access to the washing machine, you can get clean and the size of your Shirt easily in its hot cycle.

  1. Set the hottest temperature from the settings on your machine and place the Shirt inside. 
  2. Change the wash cycle to the longest possible setting and add hot water before completing the cycle. 
  3. Then add detergents for cleaning and wait for completing the cycle. 
  4. You must check the condition of the Shirt during the process to avoid over-shrinking.
  5. If necessary, repeat the process and get your Shirt shrank down. 

Shrink Shirt Into Dryer

Most fabrics shrink a little in the dryer because their movement inside the machine also affects how much the fabric shrinks. There are different processes for different fabrics to shrink in the dryer.

  • For 100% cotton, Put the Shirt in the dryer without washing, on regular heat, and run it all through. The friction and heat will shrink the cloth.
  • For cotton blends, use a hot wash cycle in the washing machine, then place the Shirt into the dryer. Now use high heat dryer settings and finish up with a cool-down cycle.
  • Sprinkle them with water and dry them on a slow cycle instead of high heat for wool.
  • Usually, for polyester, people think that polyester fabrics can’t shrink, but they are wrong. You can shrink polyester fabrics with the longest and hottest cycle on the washing machine and place them quickly into the dryer with hot water. In this way, your polyester fabric will be able to get overall heat for shrinking. 

You can shrink your Shirt quickly by ironing and boiling it in hot water, but both are risky; your Shirt could be damaged. The dryer is one of the best ways of shrinking to prevent it from damaging. With the presence of heat, moisture, and friction, the dryer reduces the size of your Shirt swiftly. 

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