3 Ways to make a bow? | Complete Guide

How to make a bow? Some people have no idea.

Making a beautiful bow by hand is a good experience everyone should have in his toolbox. Tying it is a skill that doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, it’s a lot easier than it looks. But most people have no idea how to make it. In this article, they learn how to make it at home. 

A pretty handmade bow adds a perfect finishing touch to your gifts, wreaths, Christmas trees, bouquets, or floral arrangements. It also can set off door hangers, home decor, and centrepieces. Decorating with bows increases the beauty and look of your wedding day decor, plus it is an easy craft for DIY activity.

You can make it in different designs using ribbons in just five minutes. Making it is just like bunny ears, an old and favourite trick of the people many years ago. There are many ways to tie a bow, such as a ribbon, out of paper, out of wire, etc.

Make A Bow Out Of Ribbon

You can tie a gorgeous and straightforward bow with any ribbon-like silk, velvet, grosgrain, etc. You can choose the stuff, width, and size of your choice. You require to make it out of ribbon, ribbon, a ruler, and scissors.

  1. Cut a piece of ribbon twenty inches in length, which is the proper size to make a bow.
  2. Make two loops and adjust them based on the bow size you would like to meet, also ensure the level of the tails.
  3. Then fold one loop over the other and bring it around and back through the central cavity.
  4. Now pull tight and create a knot. Repeat the same process if you want to tie a double-loop bow.

Make It For a Wreath

Making a pretty big bow for a wreath is a little difficult but a good idea to decorate your front door. You can tie it for a wreath easily by following the steps.

  1. Cut the ribbon of your desired length and fold another piece a little longer than its size to make tails.
  2. Pinch the centre of both ribbon circles and tails to make the bow and hold them from the centre.
  3. Use zip ties around the loops and pull them tightly before trimming them.
  4. Cut a piece of another ribbon and make a knot in the centre, then use its tails to tie around the centre of the bow.
  5. Now leave the tails long enough to attach the bow to your desired wreaths.
  6. Then start the inside left loop, pull it to the bottom, and take hold of the loop on the opposite side to make it fluffy. Repeat this process two times, and your bow is ready.

 Make It Out Of Paper

Paper bows are cute. You can make them, especially for small gifts. It would help if you had card stock, a pencil, a template, scissors, and glue to make a bow out of paper.

  1. Trace a bow template onto card stock and cut
  2. Now place a dot of glue in the centre, fold a piece from the edge, then put on the glue and press. Place three edges of the paper within the glue similarly to make the loops.
  3. Then add a dot of glue in the center of the tail, attach the loops, and connect a small band with the center of the loops. Your bow will be ready to decorate.

If you want to add bows to decorate your functions, you should choose appropriate bows according to the occasion. Wire bows are suitable and beautify wedding gifts; velvet, sheers, and cotton bows are the best option for outfits such as flower girls’ dresses. Both ribbon and wire bows can work for bouquets; they give the bow more stability to look great within loops and tails.


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