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Educational Blogs

At almost every angle on the internet, someone is running a blog. Educational blogs have become both a hobby and a business venture for many. However, to succeed in blogging in 2022, niching down is essential. It’s a way of differentiating your blog and standing out in the “blogosphere.”

One of today’s popular, successful blog niches is educational blogs. While almost every blog educates in their way, educational blogs take teaching and learning the extra mile. Blog posts and educational blog information break down the tiniest bit for readers. Most times, they are also run by people with experience in those fields.

Educational bloggers are considered experts in a given discipline. As an educational blogger, requests like “can I pay someone to do my accounting homework” can come up. For such requests, you can provide information on trusted educational service blogs or provide these services yourself – it’s part of the perks. So, as a beginner, you’ll need to position your blog in a way to make this possible. This article covers how to start, run and be successful as an educational blogger.

Beginners Guide: How To Stand Out As An Educational Blogger

Generally, in blogging, a few things will make you stand out. Your style, blog content, and your blog layout. Now, it goes a little further for educational bloggers. Below are some things that’ll help you stand out as an educational blogger.

  1. Niche down your blog

Of course, you’ve niched down as an educational blogger, but remember, there are various learning disciplines. Decide the subject your blog will focus on. Blogging only on one topic makes you an expert in that area, and people will look forward to you in that area. Another advantage is that it’ll help you rank on Google.

  1. Write accurate blog posts

As an educational blogger, people look to you for the correct information. You’ll be surprised that even students read your blog for school homework and tests. So, make sure the information you’re providing your readers is accurate. Before you publish any post, ensure you’ve fact-checked everything.

  1. Use appealing images

Using artwork or other appealing images has a way it affects the reader’s mind. You want to keep your readers entertained while they’re learning helpful things. Use the images to capture the attention of your readers. If possible, use images, charts, and drawings for illustration. They’ll always return to your blog for more, and in turn, your page view increases.

  1. Properly break down information

People come to blogs for information because they want to understand things easier and better. No one wants to spend an entire day dissecting a blog – like they would use their textbook. So, avoid the use of jargon or bigger words. When jargon is required, break them down for readers to digest.

  1. Use examples & case studies

Your blog posts should contain content with examples that’ll guide readers. Most people learn by reading examples. So, avoid sharing information without juicing it up with examples. Also, for topics that require case studies, provide easy case studies to help your readers grab the information.

  1. Avoid errors

As an educational blogger, your audience sees you as an expert in the field. Sighting minor errors in your post might throw them off. To avoid this, dedicate ample time to editing your blog post and fact-check every piece of information before a post goes live. The fewer errors your audience spots, the more they trust your content.

  1. Create ebooks & e-course

Start considering other teaching options as you gain prominence and traffic on your blog. Pivot into creating ebooks and courses. Go through your analytics and study the posts that get the most engagement. Now, readers will want to know more about research and killer papers reviews on areas on that topic.

Selling ebooks and e-courses is not just a way of earning passive income. It also registers your expertise in readers’ minds, especially on advanced topics.


Running an educational blog is a profitable venture. But, before it gets to that stage, you have to optimize strategies that will enable you to become successful in that niche.

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