Top 6 Tallest Person in the World

Tallest Person – Human height or stature is the measurement of the human body from the feet bottom to the top of the head. Height is an important component of the body and affects the personality of a person. People in the world are of different stature such as average, short, tall, taller, and taller. Today we are going to discuss the tallest person in the world.

A tall person is someone who has a larger stature than an average person. The average height of a person is six feet. The height is larger when it is above six feet and largest when it is above eight feet. We found several tallest person in the world. The height depends on the region and culture where you live.

The environment around you such as quality of life and diet determines your height. The people of America and Africa are famous for their large stature. Here is the list of the tallest people in the world.

Here is the list of 6 Tallest person in the world below:

1. Sultan kösen

2. Brahim Takioullah

3. Morteza Mehrzad

4. Dharmendra Pratap Singh

5. Zhang Juncai

6. Asadullah Khan

Sultan kösen

Sultan Kösen is known as a giant because of his 8ft 2.82in height. As the tallest person in the world, he holds the Guinness World Record. Kösen is a Turkish man born in December 1982 in southeastern Turkey’s city of Mardin.

Kösen is the seventh verified tallest living object in history. Owing to his largest height he was unable to continue his education and started to work as a farmer.

His height is very beneficial for the domestic tasks of his family such as changing bulbs and curtains. On the other hand, the pitfall of his height is that the clothes hardly fit him and it is difficult for him to sit in an average size car.

Brahim Takioullah

Brahim Takioullah is the second person who surpasses the Guinness World Record with a height of 8ft 1in. He faced difficulty in fitting his shoes until his doctors prepared a special pair for him. Takioullah is a Moroccan man who works in “Saint_ Paul” at an attraction park.

Behind Kösen, he is the second tallest living person in the world.

Morteza Mehrzad

Morteza was officially a volleyball player and the tallest person in Iran. He is the winner of the gold medal award in the world championship. A bicycle accident stopped his leg from growing. As a result, he has to use a wheelchair or walking stick because of one of his short legs.

With a height of 8ft. 1 inch he is the third tallest person in the world. He belongs to Iran and is currently an outside hitter in volleyball and a Paralympian.

Dharmendra Pratab Singh

Dharmendra Pratap Singh is known as the tallest person in India. He is unable to cure his disease because of his poverty and growing taller. Pratap Singh is a former cricketer from India. He is 8ft. 1 inch in height and a resident of Pratapgarh.

It is difficult for him to get a job and still is unmarried because of his height. He is the fourth tallest person in the world.

Zhang Juncai

Tallest person
Image source: Exclusivepix Media

ZHENGZHOU, CHINA – FEBRUARY 17: (CHINA OUT) Citizens pose with Zhang Huan in street on February 17, 2016, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China. Zhang Huan was 2.38 meters tall and known to be the tallest man in Asia.

Zhang Juncai is one of the tallest persons in the world, known as the fifth verified living tallest person. He is 7ft 11.3inch and lives in Shanxi, a province of China.

The world record holder and China’s largest person. He was born in Dingxiang County Xinzhou, in china on 31 March 1966.

Asadullah khan

Tallest Person

Asadullah khan is the second tallest person in India, with a height of 7 feet 11 inches. He again belongs to a poor family. The height of his family members is average.

Because of his poverty, he could not hold the Guinness World Record. Overall he is the 6th tallest person in the world.

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