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Olivia Mae Bae is well-known for her username Oliviamaebae, which she uses on all her social media. She is a model and social media star from New York City and is famous for her photoshoots and modeling photographs. Her TikTok videos are prevalent among millions of people and have millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. 

Olivia remains active on her social media handles and broadcasts her photos regularly on Instagram and Twitter. She has posted her premium photos and videos up to 700. Olivia also uses her social media handles to promote and endorse different brands. 


Her work is accessible because Instagram is private, but Olivia obtains millions of dollars in her fans from the account. You can see her real action on Twitter, and her photos and videos leaked on the internet. 

Oliviamaebae was born on 1st January 1997 in the United States, and now she lives in Denver, Colorado, United States. She became favored because of her life-related videos in California and her photos with pets and other people’s animals. 

Here is the complete detail of Olivia Mae Bae’s life, career, family, education, physical appearance, and relationship. 

Oliviamaebae Biography 

Oliviamaebae is a model and Instagram star known for her unique looks and personality, which she gained from the city where she grew up, New York City. Olivia is also a famous American actress, and her Instagram name is Alliecat.

Olivia’s qualification is high school and graduate, and her marital status is single. She also has an OnlyFans account where fans can interact with one another and other community members. 

Olivia Mae Bae Nationality and Ethnicity 

Oliviamaebae is of mixed ethnicity, and her nationality is American. She first appeared in public in 2010 at 13 as an inspiring model. After six years, Olivia became an internet sensation when she appeared on the Vogue Italia Instagram account of Bianca Balti. The latter was wearing Olivia’s clothes for fashion the same day. 


She also went viral the following year, 2017, for her new clothing line with Target. She has collaborated with many global brands like Puma, Nike, and more. Her latest campaign came out after teaming up with Samsung to create a capsule collection inspired by her everyday life. 

Olivia Mae Bae Career 

The American Instagram & Social Media star OliviaMaeBae started her career in 2016 by creating her Instagram account, where she amassed a large following and worked with brands. Olivia is growing her career and influence in social media by working with Nike, Converse, and Ralph Lauren while taking on various modeling gigs.  


Besides, Olivia continues to inspire the public with her outlook on life that is more meaningful than fame. Her inspirational posts have made her an icon for people who struggle with anxiety or depression. Oliviamaebae’s transparency has helped many people feel less alone and share their stories with other followers on Instagram. 

Oliviamaebae’s Networth 


As of 2022, Olivia owns 2.5 million of her total net worth. The source of her earnings is modeling, sponsorship, and selling merchandise. But she earns primarily from modeling and support, plus Olivia has had millions of followers on Instagram and has modeled for many brands. 


Besides modeling, Olivia is interested in different things, that include:

  • Olivia likes to visit new places and tries new things.
  • In her free time, Olivia reads books about self-improvement or something that makes her a better person. 
  • She also enjoys Yoga, which is a terrific way for Olivia to get away from the distraction of everyday life. 
  • She also enjoys eating good food and has a strong interest in performing.
  • Oliviamaebae also likes to work out at the gym and do other things to keep her body in shape.

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