4 Ways How to Tell If a Mango Is Ripe?

There is a guideline for you to tell if the mango is ripe or not. Finding a ripe mango may be tricky because some mangoes have a greater degree of blush than others. Some mangoes may have skin blemishes because of the fruit rubbing against another fruit on the tree. The small skin spots will not affect the inner quality of the mango. It is still ripe and delicious.

Mangoes are delicious fruits, whether you eat them plain, make juice or add them to some of your favorite dishes. They are popular because of their sweet flavor and are nutritious, containing vitamin C and Fiber. They come from tropical regions around the world, specifically native Asia. 

As a mango lover, it may be challenging for you to wait until it is completely ripe. Once you know how to choose the right mango, you will be able to look for a suitable mango that is ready to eat. You can determine an eatable mango based on its smell, look and feel. The best time to eat mangoes is between June and August. 

Telling if Mango is Ripe

If you have not eaten a mango before, it will be difficult for you to tell whether it is ripe. Selecting ripe mangoes usually depends on their taste, not so much on their appearance and color. There are a few tips to test that the mango is ripe.


As soon as mango is ripe, it releases a fruity aroma similar to its delicious taste. Sniff the mango out of the stem because this is the point where the smell will be visible. The intense, sweet, and fruity aroma is a sign of ripeness. On the other hand, unripe mango smells neutral. You need to know that a sour or alcoholic smell signs the mango is overly ripe. 


When picking up a mango, you notice that it is heavier than its size. It is usually a good indicator that it is ready to eat. It would be best if you squeezed it gently with your fingers. If it is soft, the mango is right to eat. Otherwise, a hard fruit needs more time to ripen. You should leave it for a while before eating.


Most people think that the color of the mango indicates its ripeness. It is wrong because different types of mangoes have different colors. Their colors don’t relate to their ripeness. If the colors are bright and friendly, it doesn’t mean they are healthy mangoes. It differs depending on its type, from green to reddish-orange.

How to Ripen Mangoes? | Mango is Ripe

If your mangoes are not ripe and you want to buy new ones, don’t waste your money. You can rip them by yourself and enjoy their taste in a few days. They ripen best at room temperature. There are several ways below to go about it.

Newspaper or Paper Bag

To ripen mangoes, wrap them in a newspaper or paper bag and place them on a counter to ripen fast. Fruits produce a natural gas called Ethelyn helps in the ripening procedure. When you place the mangoes on paper, the gas helps them become ripe quickly. 

Placing with other Fruits

As I said above, fruits produce natural gas. Therefore, you should place them with other fruits such as Bananas, Apples, or Pears. It will quickly ripen the unripe mangoes.

Room Temperature

Another way to get ripe mangoes is to keep them at room temperature. It will allow the mangoes to ripe in just 2-7 days. It depends on how much your mangoes are unripe and how long you want to keep them at room temperature. 

Once you get ripened mangoes, you can store them for future use. You can store them in the freezer, refrigerator, or on the counter at room temperature.

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