How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

What happens when MS Access database files get corrupted? The data packed inside the Access database would be at risk of damage. In addition, the chances of getting corrupted files will also be high-resulting in complete database loss. It is not a nightmare but a situation that many users face. To repair corrupt MS Access database files, continue reading. 

Microsoft Access is a database management system that stores and retrieves data per requirements. It uses Microsoft’s Relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine( RMJDBE) with an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) suitable for small applications and businesses. So, it is applicable for software developers, data architects, power users, and other professionals to develop applications.

But sometimes the DB performs unexpectedly due to corruption in the access database. However, there is a detailed guide on how the Access database corrupts, how you can fix these issues, and methods to do Access database repair.

Why do Microsoft Access Database Files get corrupted?

The following issues may cause database file corruption.

  • Opening access database files with a non-native program on your system may corrupt your Access DB.
  • The Defective network hardware would directly affect the jet database engine, which will set flags on the file. Simultaneously, it will cause database file corruption. 
  • Another reason is to exit suddenly from the application while writing an operation. In such cases, Jet Db Engine marks the Access database as corrupt. 
  • Your connection may break while sharing access DB over a network. It causes database file corruption. 

Methods to Recover Database Access corruption

Let’s go through some methods of recovering Access corrupted files that will help you analyze causes and then fix these issues. You can also sort out these issues by installing Access recovery software.

Using Professional Repair Software

Developed by experts, Stellar Repair for Access software is the best choice when repairing damaged access databases and recovering objects in new databases. Being a potential user, you should note from the start that it comes with an exceptionally polished interface making both beginners and experienced users feel comfortable using it. 

It is a simple software interface that fixes corruption keeping the data integrity intact. In addition, it packs the best database scanning technology to recover deleted tables, attachment dates, and non-English language details from these tables. 

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Using Compact and Repair Tool

  1. Open the Access Database application and choose “Database Tool Tab.”
  2. On the tab, click on the “Compact and Repair Database” option. 
  3. Here a window will appear from which you can select a database file to repair. Next, click the “COMPACT” button.
  4. Rename the file into the dialog box and select the folder to save it.
  5. Click the “Save” button and your database file is ready to open in Access.

Using Jet Compact Utility

The use of JETCOPM.exe to fix problems is only suitable for those who want to repair a corrupt .mdb file.

  1. Download JETCOMP.EXE and a Jet compact utility 4.0 dialogue box will appear. Browse the location to save the file in this box.
  2. Go to the location and double-click JETCOMP.exe to open the database jet utility.
  3. Click the button ‘Database to Compact from’ to choose a corrupted file. 
  4. Then click the button ‘Database Compact Into’ to save a new file, rename it if required then press the Compact button.

Using offers some tools to users to recover their corrupted files. They can repair MDB and ACCDB with the repair Access DB online utility. Users can recover their files by following simple steps.

  1. Open the Repair Access DB on your browser, and a page will open with some options.
  2. Next, select the “Choose File” button from the options to select a corrupted Database.
  3. Then click the “secure upload and repair” button to recover the corrupted file.

So, using these methods, you can recover your corrupted Microsoft Access Database files. Check the built-in repair option and proceed slowly, or go directly for a third-party tool like Stellar Repair for Access and skip the troubleshooting processes.


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