How to Double Space in Microsoft Word?

Learning to double space in Microsoft Word is essential to make a Word document easy to read. Making your text with single or double space is one of the basic formations you can do. 

Double-space is the act of adding a blank line between every line of text, and it refers to the space between the individual lines of the page, like an extra bit of padding. The additional line formatting comes from the typewriter, the original generator of all printed texts, and it sets line spacing at six lines per inch. If you want more space on the page, you will skip a line. 

Some people think that single-spaced text is more competent, while others believe that double-spaced text is easier to read and has a professional look. When you type a paper with a single space, there is very little white space between the lines, which means there is no more place for comments and marks. 

Double spacing is essential for essay assignments, so you should format your paper with double spacing if you doubt the expectations. If you want to change the spacing, follow this guide. 

Double Space In Microsoft Word 

If you have already typed paper and realize that your spacing is wrong, don’t worry. You can still change your spacing and other types of formatting at any time during the writing process by following methods. 

Double space in Microsoft Word Using Space button

  1. To double-space the document, go to the toolbar and click the button with four lines with up and down arrows.
  2. Now select the spacing option that you want.

Using the “Design” Menu

  1. To double-space the whole document, go to the “Design” menu, then click on paragraph spacing.
  2. Click on the “Double” option, and your document is ready.

Double space in Microsoft word using “Format” Context Menu Option

  1. In this method of double-spacing, highlight the text that you want to double space and right-click the text.
  2. Click “Format” and select “Paragraph,” then go to the tab “Indents and Spacing” in the “Paragraph” Window. 
  3. Now select the drop-down menu for line spacing and click “Double,” then click “Ok.”

Double space in Microsoft Word Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also double-space your document from your keyboard easily and quickly. There are some keyboard shortcuts that you can use. 

  1. Ctrl+1 for single spacing
  2. Ctrl+2 for double spacing and
  3. Ctrl+5 for 1.5( by default) spacing 

Double space in Microsoft Word mobile app

If you are using the MS Word mobile app on your smartphone, you can double-space the document similar to the Word on the web.

  1. Select your desired text for double space and open the home tab at the bottom.
  2. Now pick “Paragraph Formatting” and choose “Line Spacing.”
  3. A list will appear; select 2.0 from the list for double spacing.

MS Word 2007, 2010 and 2013

You can double-space your documents on different versions of Microsoft Word by following methods. 

Double space in Microsoft Word Using “Styles”

  1. Click the “Home” tab and select “Styles” some options will appear.
  2. Here click the “Normal” option or the first option.
  3. Then select “Modify” on the drop-down menu under formatting, click double space, then ok.

You can also create a new style for double spacing if you don’t like to change the formatting of the regular style.

  1. Select the “Styles” and click the “More options” button for the new style.
  2. Now click “New Style,” enter a referral name, and remember it; click ok.
  3. Right-click on the created type and select “Modify” then, under formatting, click “double space” and click ok.

Double space in Microsoft Word Using Page “Layout” 

You can also double-space your desired text by using the “Page Layout” Option

  1. Go to the “Page Layout,” and click the down arrow in the bottom right corner.
  2. Now go to “Indents and spacing” in the “Paragraph” Window.
  3. Now click the down arrow next to the box for line spacing, click “Double,” then ok, your document is ready.


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