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Hells Angels

The infamous Hells Angels is a mysterious motorcycle organization. It has been getting imperfect labels, including outlaws, criminals, drug dealers, and so on, since 1948. They are drawing controversy and going in the wrong direction. They are making all sorts of mischief against the law. But despite their reputation as trouble makers, they are bound to follow the rules of hell angels. 

Hells Angels Rules

In 1948, World War II veteran, Otto Friedli, created Hell Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC). When they were getting restless in peacetime, excessive bikes from the military were cheap. On March 17, 1948, in Fontana, California, the clubs decided to merge small motorcycles with the organization Hells Angels. It comes from the popular nickname of Bomber Squadron, so this organization has a strong military base. 

Anyone who wants to wear the official Hells Angels vest should follow the extensive guidelines. The former president of Oakland, California, Ralf Sony Barger, suggests in his book Hells Angels. “The Life and Times of Sonny Barger” that if the members break the hell angel rules. They should be ready for the severe consequences. 

There are set rules of hell angels you may not be familiar with it. Which every hopeful will need to learn by heart? 

Members should get votes

If someone wants to be the official member of the group, he has to prove himself. It takes a long to become an official member, once he subdues himself. He will become trustworthy and be able to become a group member. The temporary members work in the hope of getting votes. 

All members pull over together.

The hells angels have a moto like musketeers, one for all, all for one. So, if one of their members gets pulled over, all his brothers will pull over too. They are obliged to live by the laws of the land, which means if the police arrest them. While riding or misbehaving, he has a chance to pull over anyone else in the group. 

Don’t Do Drugs | Hells Angels

Although the hells angels have made trouble in their business. Because of their mischiefs, one thing they have not done their business is drugs. Therefore, the club strictly forbids its members from using or selling them. If they see anybody red-handed, break their membership. 

Don’t ask to Join 

If you want to join the hells angels. Make friends with an existing member and arrange an invitation to “Hang Out’. It is only an invitation event where inducted members recruit prospective candidates. Check out who will be an excellent addition to the gang.

Don’t discuss absent friends.

In hell angel’s meet-ups, the members take vows of silence. You can’t discuss your matters with other members. Even you won’t talk about absent members. If someone suddenly disappears, you can’t breathe a word of it. You may never know who is listening to you. 

Once the member, the member for life.

The essential hell angel rule is that once you join the group, you cannot leave or retire in your life. The process of joining is so scary. The club makes sure that the members are committed and don’t want to go back for years. The only way to leave the club is to break the rules of hell angel. 

Vests are Sacred | Hells Angels

Once a prospect becomes a member of the group, the club provides him with a vest with its name. The iconic Hells Angels logo that they sew into the vest. The vest is so sacred. Therefore, the club expects a member to protect it while in danger. If the police arrest him while wearing the vest, he should hand it over to other members. To look after until he will be release.

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