What You Should Expect From Hbar’s Price In 2022


HBAR, In the past few years, scalability has been a major point of discussion in the blockchain space. Ethereum‘s capacity quickly showed its limits regarding mass usage. Transaction costs have skyrocketed while their speed isn’t able to fulfill the current demand. 

For this reason, we saw the emergence of a large number of innovative. Blockchain protocols aim to solve the trilemma of decentralization, scalability, and security. And Hedera Hashgraph stands out as one of the most unique offerings on the market at the moment of writing. 

In this article, we’ll go over Hedera and HBAR’s fundamentals. We also analyze HBAR’s historical price action, which should give us a good basis for forecasting its future as we did with DASH coin price prediction. Let’s get started. 

What’s Unique About Hedera and Its Coin 

Hedera Hashgraph is one of the most distinctive cryptocurrencies on the market. The reason behind this uniqueness is that the protocol doesn’t run on a traditional blockchain architecture. Other blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum verify transactions, then group them into blocks to finally chain them together through cryptographic hashes. Hence the name — block-chain. 

Hedera, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach to digital ledger architecture. Instead of a traditional blockchain, Hedera runs on a technology created by Leemon Baird Hedera called Hashgraph. This protocol is inherently fully decentralized, which makes it much more interesting as a payment service when comparing HBAR vs XRP

This patented technology creates a copy of the ledger on each node, which allows for incredibly scalable networks. As an example, Hedera allows for more than 10,000 transactions per second, in comparison to Ethereum’s 15 tps. 

HBAR is the native crypto of this unique digital ledger platform. It has a double role in the ecosystem, as it’s used as gas for transactions and serves as a security measure against external attacks. 

The HBAR crypto runs on a proof-of-stake mechanism and is used as an incentive for nodes to provide honest work. Moreover, an intruder would have to own more than ⅓ of all the supply of HBAR to be able to do any kind of double-spending attack on the network. 

Price History of HBAR

HBAR was released in 2019 with a pre-mined maximum supply of 50B tokens. At its release, the price plunged from $0.05 to $0.025 as its launch coincided with a bearish sentiment in the markets. 

Following the next year and a half, the price of HBAR fluctuated between $0.03 and $0.05 never really picking up any momentum during this period. However, this changed completely as we entered 2021, and the coin started getting a lot of traction as a next-generation superfast blockchain

Following the bull run of 2021, HBAR rose from $0.03 in January 2021 to its first all-time high of $0.4 in March 2021. After a retracement to $0.15, the coin rallied once more and peaked at $0.5 in September 2021. 

However, following the current bearish sentiment, HBAR has lost consequential amounts of value as we write these lines. It’s currently trading at around $0.1 — an 80% decrease since its ATH. 

HBAR 2022 Price Prediction

That being said, reputable sources from around the internet are still quite bullish on the HBAR token. The innovative technology and scalability it brings to the space are some of the best in the industry, which allows them to provide the following price predictions. 

Digitalcoinprice.com doesn’t have the most optimistic forecast for HBAR, though. The website expects the token to get to a maximum of $0.14 in 2022. In the long term, however, they forecast a price of $0.22 by 2025. 

Priceprediction.net has a more bullish view. While their short-term prediction is similar, with a price of $0.15 per token for 2022, they see HBAR rising to at least $0.45 by the end of 2025. 


Hedera is one of the most innovative coins that has hit the markets in the past couple of years. While it still lacks adoption from dApp developers. Its ecosystem is very promising, with good staking rewards and high transaction throughput. As a long-term investment, it can be a good choice, as the tech. It relies upon is still cutting-edge and will remain like that for the foreseeable future.

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