5 Goldfish Tank Mates | Types of Goldfish

Goldfish tank mates is an aquarium fish that shares its tank with another fish. Many species of fish live with other fish in an aquarium. Goldfish are one of them who has different tank mates for a peaceful environment.

There are the following tank mates that can live with goldfish.

Rosy barb

Plato fish

Hope catfish

Giant danio

White Cloud Mountain Minnow 

Rosy barb reddish-pink freshwater fish who are just fine in more relaxed environments have a gorgeous accompaniment with goldfish. Their peaceful and shoaling behavior is specific.

Like goldfish tank mates, play fish has tones of color morphs and unique variations. Its distinct look and humbleness, your goldfish. 

I hope catfish can adjust to cooler temperatures. They are such good tank mates for goldfish because of their resilience in a wide range of environments.

Giant distinct coloration adds a lot of sparkle to a tank. They are the best tank mates if you have goldfish with similar behavior in your aquarium.

White cloud mountain minnows have a beautiful look with silver-green scales and an iconic stripe from head to tail.

Moreover, rubber lip pleco, zebra danio, dojo coach, bristle nose, hillstream loach, cherry shrimp, banded corydoras, etc.

What Fish Can Live With Goldfish?

There are some guidelines on which fish can be suitable tank mates for goldfish. 

Usually,  goldfish are not hostile, so you can keep them with the community fish, which is greater than the mouth of goldfish. The tank mates of the goldfish should have similar swimming abilities. It ensures that all fish can acquire enough food and a swimming area.

Goldfish cannot proceed with large cichlids and aggressive bobs. Therefore, their tank mates should be peaceful. 

Single-tailed goldfish is a fast swimmer. On the other hand, fancy goldfish swim slowly. So they are not the best tank mates s they are a higher probability y of being bullied than other fish.

Goldfish can live at room temperature without any heater, so select a tank mate that can live in the same circumstances as goldfish.

The activity level of mates in your community should be the same as goldfish have; it prevents injuries.

Types Of Goldfish Tank Mates

There are up to 300 varieties of goldfish currently. Many of these are just subspecies of others. Some essential types of goldfish are,

  • Black Moor Goldfish
  • Pearl Scale Goldfish
  • Common Goldfish
  • Bubble Eye Goldfish
  • Lionhead Goldfish

Blackmoor goldfish

Blackmoor goldfish is the most popular species of goldfish. They are fancy goldfish with outstanding features. It is more spherical than other fish having flower fins and telescope eyes. It is gorgeous and easy to identify.

Pearl scale goldfish

Pearl scale goldfish has a pearl-like appearance and round body similar to a golf ball. Its doomed scales look like tiny pearls and an egg-shaped mass on their heads known as crowns. It grows up to eight inches.

Common goldfish

Common goldfish is a flat-bodied, tightened variety of goldfish having wide but short heads. They are in different colors, a combination of white, yellow, red, orange, blue, black, etc.

Bubble eye goldfish

Bubble eye goldfish is also a species of fancy goldfish with upward-pointing eyes having sacs underneath their eyes. It is unique and small, with egg-shaped eyes.

Lion head goldfish

Lion head goldfish has quite a different look and a unique hooded variety of fancy goldfish. They have a double anal fin, double tail, and stubby body.

Moreover, Comet, wakin, fantail, shubunkin, ryukin, telescope eye,  rainbow, and fantail are all common fish divided into subspecies.

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Fancy Goldfish Tank Mates

Fancy goldfish have outstanding qualities. They are charming, fancy, sensitive, and have different color combinations. They are much slower in speed, so other animals may bully them. You should keep them with tank mates having the same qualities as goldfish. There are some tank mates suitable for fancy fish.

  • Zebrafish
  • Rosy hub
  • Breeding common goldfish
  • White cloud mountain
  • Bristle nose plecos


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