Adorable Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier

Flowerbomb Perfume

Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier is a floral scent for ladies worldwide. The elegant, feminine fragrance by Viktor & Rolf has won some awards too. He launched this Amber Floral scent in 2005. The Perfume bursts with an intoxicating aroma of different flowers that women love. It comforts you and uplifts your appearance.

Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier

Its clean scent has a touch of oriental conspiracy and also pairs with bergamot and tea for a sweet fresh floral note. Different types of Flowerbombs have various scents. So, you can choose a Perfume that suits you best. But if you love this aroma, you can go for the dupe of Flowerbomb Perfume, the Gourmand White Flowers. 

The fragrance usually depends on accords. Floral accords are the base of Flowerbomb. Secondly, the harmonization of ingredients fills the second accord with patchouli. You will relish the woody accords with the spicy musk as well. In addition, other accords include citrus, sweet, hot spicy, musk, and powders. 

The Flowerbomb Perfume dossier has a pretty good aroma that can be sweet and alluring. The original Perfume is slightly expensive and more complex. You can enjoy a pretty low price of the fragrance at the

Gourmand White Flowers | Flowerbomb Perfume

Gourmand White Flower is the dupe of the original Perfume Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. It might start differently but settles down to give the same original fragrance. The Dossier launched this flowery, feminine scent in 2021. It has an excellent aroma that succeeds at being both sweet and seductive with a powdery veil. The Perfume contains a chemical named the State of California that causes cancer and birth imperfections. 

Gourmand White Flowers: The Notes

The Dossier has done a great job with the fragrance in the inspiration of the original Perfume. It has an incredible aroma and a remarkable resemblance to Flowerbomb. It opens up with top notes featuring berries, bergamot, green tea, freesia, vanilla, and caramel. Later on, the middle notes of white flowers, roses, jasmine, and orchid are similar to natural Perfume by the brand. 

Once the fragrance settles down on your skin, you will smell woody oriss and the powdery note that makes the aroma much more sophisticated. 

Gourmand White Flowers: The Ingredients

Being a dossier Perfume, it has the ingredients that women love. It has plentiful floral ingredients, including rose, jasmine, and orchid. So, it elaborates on the sweetness and sensual sensation. Besides, the creamy-warm vanilla is indeed a spec of a wiser human being. Next, green tea offers a natural aroma. Additionally, patchouli, water, alcohol, bergamot, ambroxan, vanilla, musk, amber, and citrus add flavors and sweetness to the fragrance. 

Gourmand White Flowers: Longevity and sillage

The actual Perfume is Eau De, while the Gourmand White Flower is EDP, which means it doesn’t last long. It can stay on your skin just for 4 to 5 hours. It is the weaker version of the original scent but has the same fragrance. The sillage of this dupe is also thin, which means you cannot trace it back to you if you wear it in a crowd. The best time to wear it is throughout the day or at night. It is more versatile than the original Flowerbomb scent for night outs or getting hired. 

Which One is Better | Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier

The primary difference between these identical perfumes is longevity and sillage. These scents open with citrus and floral notes and ends with musk, vanilla, and patchouli. But the real difference comes in terms of sophistication. The original Perfume has the middle notes of roses, jasmine, freesia, and orange flower. While its dupe only has rose, orchid, and white flowers. 

Another difference is the prices of both perfumes. The natural scent is expensive but has excellent longevity and sillage. On the other hand, the Dossier version is cheap. So, the original version is suitable on its own. But the Dossier version is a top choice for budget-friendly options.

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