Coco Chanel Perfume Dossier

Woody Oakmoss

Coco Chanel perfume Dossier (Mademoiselle) has an outstanding freshness for everyday wear. The fragrance reminds us green, moist garden with the notes of fresh flowers. Its impressive sillage lasts long, nearly a weak. It is quite refined and has a wonderful amber floral.

For women, this fragrance is resoundingly elegant. Coco Chanel perfume is an excellent perfume for the night times. You cannot use it for night-outs. It has an extraordinary sensual appeal. The women who like the light side should think about this scent. 


It comes with a high price which may cause of breaking deal for some people. Don’t worry, you can buy it from Dossier, an e-commerce website specializing in candles and perfumes. Dossier offers you a fantastic imitation of the original Coco Chanel perfume Mademoiselle. Woody Oakmoss perfume dossier has an affordable price in simple attractive packaging with a sample.

Coco Chanel has been the most popular scent in 2001. The Chanel fragrance owner Jacques Polge created it for the iconic fashion house. It smells just divine with its elegant and excellent accents. 

Woody Oakmoss perfume Dossier

If you are looking for a long-lasting fragrance, the iconic Coco Chanel dossier is the best choice. Woody Oakmoss is the motivation for the original Coco Mademoiselle by Dossier. It is affordable at the price of $29 for a 50ml bottle. It comes in a single size.

This Eau De perfume is rich and sophisticated. Its floral composition with balanced primary materials and ambarina base is a refined scent ideal for nighttime. Wearing this perfume coco Chanel dossier you will be able to feel confident. This sensual and elegant fragrance will enhance your style and personality. 

Ingredients of Coco Chanel Dossier

The coco channel perfume dossier contains woody Oakmoss, rose, and patchouli to create a feminine, sensual scent. The top notes you will feel in the beginning are orange, peach, and bergamot. These notes let you select the fragrance type.

The middle note contains the aroma of jasmine, roses, and patchouli. The final and the third note, which lasts for a long time, is Oakmoss and vanilla. It is an ambery base and flowery undertones make you comfortable for evening wear. Coco Chanel perfume dossier Mademoiselle is a best-selling fragrance. The Woody Oakmoss is less complex and more versatile.

More about Coco Chanel perfume Mademoiselle

A famed French designer Coco Chanel perfume dossier created the original perfume for women, reminiscent of green gardens, fresh fruits, and flowers. Jacques Polge began this spicy oriental fragrance in 2001. 

Olivier Polge reimagined four fragrances from the Mademoiselle line and added them into the line of Chanel’s perfumes. He created Chance in 1911, which includes citrus, green floral, and spicy scent that evokes energy and vitality. Coco Chanel perfume Dossier reissued Chanel No.22 by adding citrus and vitamin. Notes to introduce the luxury of the French Riviera. Coco Chanel Dossier

It smells like:

Spraying the coco Chanel perfume dossier you will smell the top notes, including bergamot, grapefruit, and orange. The citrus, patchouli, woody, vanilla, earthy, warm spicy, and yellow floral are principal elements. Jasmine, litchi, rose, ylang-ylang, and mimosa make up the middle notes. The base notes are vetiver, musk, vanilla, opoponax, and tonka beans.

Coco Chanel perfume Mademoiselle is a light and refreshing women’s scent proper for winter evenings. 

Difference between Woody Oakmoss and Coco Chanel perfume

The main difference between the original perfume and its dupe is it’s cost-effective. Coco Chanel perfume dossier costs $105 and Oakmoss costs $29 with a free sample for a 50ml bottle. You can buy it at an affordable price with high-quality ingredients from the 

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