5 Most Dangerous Android Apps & How to Avoid Them

Android apps are your connected device’s gateway to the outside world. These apps allow you to stay connected with friends, family, and the world at large. However, this connectivity comes with a cost — the risk of your device being compromised. In order to safeguard your phone from third-party access and secure internal data storage, Google implemented security restrictions that are designed to prevent apps from accessing certain parts of Android devices.

This is necessary in order to ensure that your phone remains secure against malicious software applications. These restrictions also ensure that only trusted apps can access specific services on your phone; an example would be if you wanted to buy something from Google Play using a third-party app, it would first need to be approved as an authorized vendor. Below we take you through 5 dangerous Android apps and how you can avoid them in order to keep your smartphone secure!

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What is the danger of an Android App?

Let’s say you’re out of the country and want to use your phone to call your grandpa. Perhaps he has a new number, but you can’t remember what it is. Your friend suggests you use Grandpa’s phone app, where he is able to see your phone number and call you. The app is fully functional, but it also happens to have full access to your pictures, contacts, messages and other apps you have installed. 

Android Apps

Without even knowing it, you’ve just given your friend access to your sensitive data. Security restrictions are there for a reason, and the most important one is to protect the data stored on your phone. This is why you should avoid apps that have access to your data.

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OEM Features | Dangerous Android Apps

Many phones include special features that are only accessible to OEM apps — features that regular apps can’t use. For example, some OEM apps are allowed to access the phone’s location, which regular apps can’t use. Other OEM apps, like Android Auto, have special permission that lets users control the audio system on their phones. While these OEM features are useful, they are also accessible to third-party apps that should never have access to them. For example, a hansom app that wants to track your location should not be able to access your phone’s location.

Installing From Unknown Sources

Installing apps from unknown sources is dangerous because it gives apps that you don’t trust the chance to infect your phone with malware. This can happen when you download an app from a website that you don’t trust, such as a hacked website or a hacker’s site. Malware can come from any site — even a trusted one — and once inside your phone, it can wreak havoc. You can prevent your phone from automatically downloading apps from sources you don’t trust by turning on “Unknown sources” in your phone’s Settings. From there, you can manually approve any third-party app you want to install.

3rd-Party Market Apps

Market apps are third-party apps that you can access through Google Play. They are designed to work with apps you already have. For example, if you have a messaging app that you prefer over another one, you can use your market app to access that app’s messages. In most cases, these apps are safe and secure. However, some third-party apps in the Market are poorly coded. They may ask for unnecessary permissions, or they may even be malicious. To keep your phone safe from unsafe apps in the Market, it’s a good idea to do a scan before downloading an app. You can do this by going to your Android device’s Settings, then clicking on Security, and then Virus Cleaner.

Dolphin Browser | Dangerous Android Apps

Dolphin is one of the most popular mobile browsers available for Android. However, it does not come with security features to protect your device. You need to install an addon to make it secure. This browser is also known to contain malware. Use a secure browser like UC Browser to browse safely.

Virus Cleaner

You probably have a virus cleaner on your computer, and why not on your phone? A virus cleaner is a special app designed to scan your phone for viruses and other threats. However, some virus cleaners are unsafe and can harm your phone. To make sure your phone is safe, look for an app that is certified by AV-TEST as a virus cleaner.

Browsers & Chat Apps

Installing malicious apps from the third-party app market is dangerous. It’s easy to find malicious apps, and most of them are easy to download and install. To keep your device safe, look for apps that have been reviewed by the internet community and are widely regarded as safe. In addition, make sure that the app you download is used only for instant messaging and doesn’t have the option to access your phone’s multimedia files, such as pictures, audio files, videos, and documents.


Given the number of apps available for Android devices, it’s only natural that some of them are not trustworthy. Fortunately, it is possible to find safer options than the ones mentioned above. If you want to keep your phone safe, it’s a good idea to keep it updated with the latest security patches and avoid installing apps from third-party marketplaces.


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