7 Best 80s Heartthrobs

Let’s discuss the 80s heartthrobs who are still dreamy today.  

The 1980s was the most splendid decade for movie making. The movies during this decade include Breakfast Club, Goonies, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Die Hard, and Raiders. Although the films have original plots, well-written characters, and fantastic directors, we can’t forget the actors.

The 80s brought us some of the most attractive and good-looking people. Women everywhere wanted to meet these guys as they were the most handsome celebrities worldwide and the heartthrobs of this wild age. It didn’t matter where they appeared, and people flocked to the theatre to see the pretty faces of the heartthrobs on the silver screen.  

Whether they were on the big screen or serenading us on top of the Pops, we had many celeb crushes in our youth. But do people still love them, and are they all grown up? Let’s stroll down memory lane about the gawking stares, new beards, and distinctly 80s mullets and find what happened when these guys became men. Here is the list of the top 7 80s heartthrobs who are still handsome as they were back then. 

Robe Lowe | 80s Heartthrobs

Robe Lowe began his career as a group member of “Brat Pack,” a group of young actors who often appear together in films, including About Last Night and Outsiders. Rob dazzled audiences with his chops and killer jawline, two traits that stuck with him over the years and made his role unforgettable in The Grinder and Parks and Recreation. 

Jason Bateman | 80s Heartthrobs

Jason Bateman first appeared in the serial Silver Spoons, and it was not long before he landed even more significant roles like Night Rider, Mr.Belvedere, and Bates Motel. People from far and wide fell for his authentic smile, dreamy eyes, and charming expressions. Additionally, Jason is gaining more fans every day in his recent performances. 

John Stamos 

John Stamos starred in the two biggest TV shows of the decade, including General Hospital & Full House, both of which garnered a devoted following. He was well-known for his wisdom and a charming, sly smile. He perfected it over the years and still displays it on current shows like Grandfather and Fuller House. 

Brad Pit 

Brad Pit Started Climbing the Ladder in the 80s when he appeared in several films and TV shows, such as 21 Jump Street, Dallas, and The Dark Side of the Sun. Both in the 80s and now, Brad is the epitome of handsome. We are waiting for him in the upcoming movies, including War Machine and World War Z 2. 

Harrison Ford 

Harrison Ford’s career was at its climax in the 80s, and he starred in two Star War movies and three Indiana Jones films in 10 years. After those two iconic franchises, Ford hasn’t slowed down; he lent his voice to The Secret Life of Pets and starred in Blade Runner 2049 this year. Harrison even made performances in the new Star War films. 

Tom Cruise 

In 1981, the Tom Cruise role was minor in the romantic drama Endless Love. But later, he made waves in Risky Business in 1983 and Top Gun in 1986. And now, Tom is famous for his action-packed franchises Mission Impossible, which he started in 1966. They are eight in total, and the last film came out in 2018. 

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp rose to fame in 1987 after playing the leading role in the television series 21 Jum Street, but his first film was A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. Beginning in 2003johnny’s name became synonymous with Captain Jack Sparrow, his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Johnny Depp Characters also appeared in the Harry Potter movies in 2016.


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