7 Ways How To Sober Up Fast?

Sober Up Fast

Does everyone want to know how to sober up fast? Health is wealth.

Some alcoholic drinks absorb into your bloodstream repeatedly via the Stomach Lining and Small Intestine. In this situation, it isn’t easy to sober up very fast. If you consume too much drink and want to sober up but don’t know how to sober up fast, there are a lot of supposed cures, but do any of them work?

Sobering up takes time; there is no easy trick or method to make you sober up suddenly, so you should wait for your body to deal with the alcohol, which is the best remedy to sober up fast. Getting sober means fighting the good fight, learning to control the carving, and cleaning up your body and mind.

An intoxicated person may take above six hours to sober up, and alcohol stays in your body based on the factors such as age, weight, gender, overall health, stomach position when consuming a drink, and amount of alcohol.

According to the medical profession, it is impossible to sober up fast from alcoholism, but there are the following ways to sober up that some people have examined. 


Although coffee can temporarily increase alertness, it will dehydrate you, so you should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. It will remove toxins from your body, refill lost fluids, and dilute alcohol from your system. Drinking fresh juices filled with vitamins B and C can help the liver dilute alcohol from your body. 


Drinking alcohol with an empty stomach may take 45% longer to sober up your body than if you have eaten a meal beforehand. Hence, it is beneficial for you to eat meals high in fat, proteins, or carbohydrates before, during, and after drinking. If you have a stomach full of fatty food before drinking, the alcohol will slowly absorb into your bloodstream. 


Sleep is the best way for you to sober up fast because it allows the body to rest, and recover, and restores the body’s ability to get alcohol out of your system. Drinking water before sleeping can help the liver to metabolize the alcohol. A quick nap can help, but the more you sleep, the soberer you are. 


Exercise (walking, jogging) helps to get your blood flowing and fights against drowsiness after drinking. It may also help the body to metabolize alcohol more quickly and let you feel more alert and awake, but they are still intoxicated. If you feel like sweating it out during exercise, drink plenty of water to stay dehydrated. 


Drinking alcohol reduces the levels of vital vitamins in your body; there is one way to tackle this, and sober up is to recover those lost vitamins. IV drip is a highly effective method of obtaining vitamins, but it is out of reach for most individuals. You should take some vitamin tablets, eat foods rich in vitamins, and consume kiwi fruit or grapefruit if you have lost your vitamin C.

Stop Drinking

If you want to sober up fast, you should stop drinking because each drink takes your body about an hour to metabolize, so you can’t do until you stop drinking; the sooner you stop drinking, the sooner you can sober up. 

Cold Shower

A cold shower can sober you up temporarily but won’t reverse the effects of alcohol. It can give you a second wind and alert you a few times. But the shock of a cold shower can cause intoxicated people to lose consciousness. 


The best way to sober up fast is to control your intake and not drink more than your body can metabolize because drinking a lot may cause road accidents and poor decision-making. You can also sober up from alcohol drinking if you adopt some exercises, rest, and sleep for a long time.

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