5 Ways How to Make Mac Dark Mode?

Mac dark mode

Enabling Mac dark mode is a good experience that helps minimize your eye strain. So if you want to spend long hours in pleasure, you should enable it on your Mac that reduces the harm when using a device. However, keep reading this article if you want to know how to make mac dark mode.

The dark mode is more accessible for working at night in low light. When you turn it on, the background becomes black, and the text color will be light. The dark mode is a dramatic new look that is best for reducing the stress on your eyes plus helps you to focus on your work.

There is a dark color scheme in this mode that makes work system-wide. When using the dark method, your battery life becomes long-lasting, and electricity bills will be lower. When you stop using a mac, it automatically turns off—you don’t want to turn on dark mode during a presentation, downloading a large file, or viewing live stats.

If it is difficult to read light text on black background, you can change the app’s preference. We will teach you to create dark mode on your Mac or other devices.

Enabling Mac Dark Mode From System preference

You can easily make a Mac dark mode by the following steps.

  1. Click on the top_left corner of your Mac’s screen. Then select system “preference.”
  2. Next, tap on “general,” and in the “Appearance” section at the top of the window, select the “dark mode” option. 
  3. Once you select this, your Mac instantly goes dark; when turning, repeat the same process and select the “Light” option instead of dark.

Enabling Mac Dark Mode From Control Center

Usually, you can enable Mac dark mode by the system preference, but the Mac users running macOS Big Sur now can enable or disable dark mode using the control center.

  1. Select “Control Center” from the top-right corner of your screen; tap the “Display” module from the drop-down window.
  2. Here a box will appear having two options.
  3. Now choose “Dark Mode” to quickly enable or disable it.

You can enable dark mode also on other devices to use easily at night.

Enabling Dark Mode on iPhone

  1. Click on “apple menu,” then tap on “system preference” and select the “dark” option to turn on dark mode. 
  2. To make your web pager dark, you can select “system preference “by clicking on “general” and then click on “Dark” in preference to switch the background to black.

Enabling Dark Mode on iPad

  1. Go to “Settings,” find “display and brightness,” and click on it.
  2. Then click on “dark mode” under the appearance to turn it on. Click “Automatic” and turn the home key to automatic dark mode activation.

Enabling Dark Mode on Firefox

Whether you are using Windows, macOS, or Linux, you can create a dark mode using firefox; that’s very easy.

  1. Open the menu panel and tap on “customize,” then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Then choose “Themes” and select “Dark” from the themes drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

Problems With Running Dark Mode

There are some problems with running dark mode that may occur during the use of these devices.

  • It may create an uncomfortable contrast between the screen and its surrounding during the daytime. 
  • Some apps have a large content area supporting dark mode may be bright white, creating a strong contrast between the content area and app. This problem is more troubling.


Making Mac dark mode or other devices allows you to use your device comfortably with long battery life. Billing. In 2018 CNET said that some users turn on dark mode to save battery, but in reality, if the phone has an OLED(organic light_emitting diode), it can save energy. In a meeting room, dark mode is helpful because it improves ability. Light mode is quicker to understand people. On the other hand, dark mode concedes that people with eye turbulence perform better.

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