5 Essential Baby Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

Traveling with a baby is challenging. You have to take care of the child in the car or plane, ensuring its safety and the comfort of traveling. All this is to make the trip stress-free and trouble-free for parents and children. So how to ensure a positive atmosphere during travel?


A Baby on a Plane

On most airlines, babies can be carried on their parent’s lap up to the age of two. Many parents decide on such a solution and do not buy a separate seat for the car seat where the toddler will spend the journey. This option works well for short flights. However, it is recommended that the baby travels in a car seat, mainly for safety reasons. 

First Trip by Car

This option seems easier than traveling by plane because you are in a family circle. It is best to start traveling with a baby or toddler in the early morning hours. Then, there is a chance that the baby will sleep part of the route. Some parents prefer night travel, but it may be not only tiring for the driver but also risky. If the baby does not fall asleep, it is worth making stops during the journey. 

Older children will probably enjoy getting out of the car and doing a bit of exercise, and the little ones will be able to eat in peace. Whether you feed your baby with the best European formula or it already receives regular meals, feed it only during the stops for safety reasons. 

Prefer soft mascots to the car rather than plastic toys, which, in the event of sudden braking, can hit the baby. Blinds on the windows will also be useful in the car, protecting the baby from the sun and allowing it to fall asleep easier.

Children on Trains and Buses

Traveling by train can be convenient because you can reserve a place in a compartment for a child. Family tickets are usually cheaper, and there are not many baggage restrictions. However, the trains are crowded during the holiday season, and it is not always possible to walk freely along the corridor with your child. Not all trains also have changing tables, and sometimes you have to share the family compartment with other passengers.

The same applies to buses, which are the least suitable means of transport for traveling with babies. There is little space inside, and the toddler has to sit all the time in an uncomfortable chair. Access to the toilet is also problematic. Additionally, motion sickness may occur. When planning a trip with a baby or toddler choose another, more convenient means of transport if possible.

Baby Food for Traveling

Breastfed babies are the best travel companions. If you do not breastfeed, prepare some baby formula to take with you. If you are traveling with an infant, you must always have some portion of the mixture and warm water in a thermos with you. Also, consider taking ready to feed formula with you.

If you are traveling with a toddler, you can take yogurt with a portion of cereals and fruit, fruit purees, and fresh fruits that are quick to peel: tangerines or bananas, for example. Also, take nuts and seeds in convenient packages or containers.

What to Take on a Trip with a Baby?

This, of course, depends on where you are going and the age of your baby. However, there is a list of things that are worth taking on every trip:

  • wet wipes;
  • diapers and a changing mat;
  • change of clothes for the baby and yourself;
  • antibacterial liquid or foam;
  • a blanket and a towel;
  • food, cutlery, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, and teethers;
  • a basic first aid kit;
  • toys that will not disturb you and other passengers with loud sounds.

Travel is usually more stressful for adults than children. The most important thing, however, is calm, because the parents’ nerves can negatively affect the child’s well-being.


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