4 Ways How to Fold a Burrito?

Fold a Burrito

If you think all you have to do is fold a burrito and eat it, you are wrong because it is not as simple as it looks; it takes your time to fold it because a simple act can have a lot of finesse. It tastes well when folding a burrito, so if you don’t know how to fold a perfect burrito, follow the steps given below. 

Burrito is a delicious rolled tortilla wrap that has a tasty filling inside, including rice, meat, vegetables, black beans, salsa, and guac that gives it a surprising crunch. You can add meat and vegetables, like chicken, beef, mutton, corn, cabbages, onion, and even cheese slices, plus refried beans to make it delicious.

When making burritos yourself, the most important thing is to know how to hold all the ingredients together, so each bite is a burst of all the ingredients. They are such a popular dish for breakfast and lunch because they are highly customizable. There are step-by-step procedures to roll burritos of different types with a complete guide.

Method of Fold a Burrito

If you want to roll a small, medium, or giant burrito, make sure your tortilla is large enough to hold the ingredients. You also make sure your tortilla is warm and moist to fold a burrito easily. You can steam or microwave it for 30 seconds to keep it warm.

Folding a Classic Burrito

  1. Place enough ingredients over the tortilla.
  2. Next, unite the front and bottom ends, lift the tortilla, and set it back with an open face.
  3. Now pull the left and right flaps of the tortilla using your thumbs and leaving space between the flaps.
  4. Pull the top flap and push it towards the ingredients with the remaining fingers.
  5. Now fold the burrito carefully when pressing the tortilla tightly as you go and hold it together. 

Wrapping burrito in two Tortillas

You are needed two tortillas for a huge wrapping.

  1. Place the two tortillas side by side and overlap them over a flat and clean surface.
  2. Next, place ingredients over the center of the tortillas and fold each side.
  3. Now roll the tortillas tightly until you reach the end of them, then push the bottom of the tortillas firmly to form a cylindrical shape.
  4. In the end, wrap the burrito into an aluminum foil to keep it tight.

Folding a Chipotle Burrito

It is difficult to make a chipotle burrito, so if you want to learn how to make it follow the steps. 

  1. Warm the tortilla over a pan or microwave and place it over a foil, then add your ingredients over its top.
  2. Next, push the ingredients slightly towards the center of the tortilla and roll it using one hand to pull the elements tightly over its back.
  3. Now fold the burrito towards and fold the sides of the tortilla towards its center before reaching the end.
  4. Then finish up rolling and use the foil to tighten the role.

Folding a Tripple Style Burrito

This is a unique and ideal method for you to roll a small-sized burrito; if you want to learn how to move it follow the steps.

  1. Place the ingredients over the left side of a warmed tortilla leaving the right side empty.
  2. Next, fold the empty side of the tortilla and cover some ingredients.
  3. Now bring the top flap towards the bottom of the tortilla, then push its edge for extra support.
  4. Then pull the right bottom edge of the tortilla towards its center and push it gently and tightly around the burrito to make a cylindrical shape on one side and open on the other side.


Overall, make sure that you are using a large flour tortilla that should be warmed when preparing a burrito because a warm tortilla holds the ingredients gently. To fold a perfect burrito, you should use a sensible amount of filling ingredients, which is critical. 

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