10+ Most Beautiful Cow Print Nails That Females Love

Cow Print Nails

In 2021, we can declare that cow print nails are here to stay, even if they once seemed like a fad. In recent months, searches for “cow nails” and “cow print nails” have increased, presumably because more people have the time to play with their inner artists.

Nails make hands beautiful, but cow print nails make a girl’s hand more beautiful.

How to make Cow Print Nails?

Here we will discuss how to get cow print nails in the following steps.

  • Apply 1 base coat on the nails.
  • Apply 2 white polish coat
  • Apply brown splotches
  • Then apply black splotches
  • And use the final coat on the nails

Blue Cow Print Nails

Cow print is not only in black and white colors. It’s also in blue. It looks more cute and beautiful, I think.

Cow Print Tips

Consider getting a cow print on your fingernails, with a white base and black spotty design.

Pink and Cow Print

This design has a delightful half-and-half design with soft pink nails and a cow print pattern on others.

Gold and Black

The combination of gold and black in this design is stunning. Even if you aren’t a fan of the design, you can always have it cover your entire nail.

Fun Designs

You’ll enjoy this cow pattern nail design if you’re looking for a fun and unusual look. Make your nails shine out even more by sprinkling them with glitter.

Try Something New

Create creative nail patterns for a change. If you like these nails, experiment with different colors and shapes.

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